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Partnership Health Centers FAQs


What is the purpose of the Partnership Health Centers?


Partnership Health Centers provide employees and their dependents with high quality, convenient medical services, including primary care, medications, lab work and X-ray services as well as pain management and mental health counseling. All health center services are accessed on a voluntary basis without co-pays.


Must I use the Partnership Health Centers?


No. It is a component of the health plan and always voluntary and free from out-of-pocket cost to members.


Who is eligible to use the Partnership Health Centers?


All employees and their dependents who are covered by the employer’s medical benefits plan.


​What services are offered in the Partnership Health Centers?


Anything that is routinely provided in a family practice or internal medicine physician’s office will be provided in the health center.  Medical services include, but are not limited to the following: urgent care, sore throats/ear/headache, strains, sprains, musculoskeletal problems, non-specific abdominal pain, non-specific chest pain, cough, sinus, allergies, Depo injections as well as allergy and B12 injections (with patients supplying drug/vitamin), rashes, acute urinary complaints, personal hygiene-related problems, acute injuries, acute routine office procedures, minor surgical procedures, such as sutures for laceration treatment, flu shots, and well-woman exams.  Medications are available and laboratory testing can be done. Pain management, including PT & Chiro, as well as mental health counseling is available onsite. 

No one in the industry offers more services at the same location, with same-day appointments and no co-pays!


Can I visit the Partnership Health Centers for urgent care? For example, if my child falls and I suspect she has broken a bone, should I visit the health center instead of a hospital emergency room?


Yes, you may visit the Partnership Health Centers in such instances. The health center is well equipped with X-Ray and other equipment and with expert staff to handle such events.  However, life-threatening emergencies such as those that require an ambulance service should be treated in a hospital emergency room.


​Are my visits or anything about them shared with my employer?


No. State and federal laws that protect patient medical records apply to the Partnership Health Centers as they do with any health provider.  Partnership Health Centers and its service providers are fully HIPAA compliant. Members’ privacy is critically important to us. We don't sell, rent, or share any personally-identifiable information (except when asked to do so by a member). We won't send any unsolicited e-mail ("spam"). No personally-identifiable information collected through the Partnership Health Centers website will ever be used to limit members’ health benefits coverage. 


Do I need an appointment to visit the Partnership Health Centers?


It is always a good idea to have an appointment, but we know that things do come up without notice. Because Partnership Health Centers are not open to the public and are dedicated exclusively to those covered by the employer’s health plan, same-day appointments are often available. In the event of a serious, medical emergency, you should always go directly to a hospital emergency room.


Are the staff qualified, experienced and well trained?


Yes. All Partnership Health Centers staff are fully qualified and are specifically trained to address your healthcare needs.


Can I get all my medications from the Partnership Health Centers?


Partnership Health Centers stocks pharmaceutical products associated with primary care but also has additional inventory of certain, maintenance medications.  When you visit the health center, you will find a list of available medications. Controlled substances are not available at Partnership Health Centers.


Will the Partnership Health Centers forward copies of my records to other doctor(s) I may use outside of the center?


Yes. Once you sign a release of information, the health center will send a copy of your records either to you or directly to a doctor of your choice.


Can the Partnership Health Centers make referrals to any specialists?


Yes, the Partnership Health Centers can refer you to specialists. Referrals are based on a provider’s quality of care, irrespective of network affiliation. There is never a requirement that a health-center-referred provider be used by a member; that is always voluntary.


How does Partnership Health Centers save money?


Partnership Health Centers saves host entities and members money in three, basic ways: 1) salaried medical staff as opposed to fee-for-service providers is economically efficient, e.g., receiving primary care in an emergency room is 5 times the cost of a health center; 2) care coordination efforts of health center providers reach outside specialists and hospitals to promote the most effective health pathways for patients; 3) rigorous review of provider bills and onsite member advocates protects the plan and its members from inappropriate billing practices. Only by promoting better health and better health treatment will the health plan’s cost trend be reduced for employers and employees alike.


Who can visit the Partnership Health Centers?


Only the plan sponsor’s employees (and their dependents) covered by the medical plan can use the health centers. The health center is not open to the general public. It is dedicated to serving the needs of employees and dependents covered by the medical benefits plan.


Who’s paying for the Partnership Health Centers?


Partnership Health Centers are a component of the employer’s health plan and is paid for as part of the annual health plan budget.


If the Partnership Health Centers makes an error, is the employer liable?

No. Partnership Health Centers doctors and nurses are not employees of the sponsoring employer entity. They are licensed professionals performing primary care services who are covered by appropriate insurance which insulates the employer and employees from liability.

Welcome to Partnership Health Centers​

Partnership Health Centers offer a customized, patient-centered, cost-effective health program built on the wisdom of coordinated care. We believe in an effective, medical-home partnership strategy to cut the price of medical expenses. We have the data to prove its effectiveness: lower costs can be achieved through better care.


Our model addresses patients’ health issues before they become expensive and unmanageable. Consequently, our clients are rewarded with substantial cost savings. An investment in preventive care is an investment in healthier and more productive employees.


We establish and manage Partnership Health Centers—patient-centered medical facilities customized to your members’ needs at a location of your choice. Your members receive family-doctor style care whenever they feel the need. Visits to the medical home occur strictly on a voluntary, no co-pay basis – we design your program around your existing benefit design of network, terms, deductibles, and co-pays. No one in the industry offers more services at the same location, with same-day appointments and no co-pays!


Our team of medical statisticians pinpoint how and where healthcare dollars are spent. We target these areas to bend the cost curve, not by raising fees or cutting services, but by creating smarter care strategies to nurture healthier employees and develop a less costly health plan. 


We believe delayed doctor visits, confusing fees, and wrongfully denied claims are consequences of a failed healthcare system where rising costs coincide with a decrease in the quality of care. We offer the smart solution: prompt, familiar, effective care delivered to you and your members with a transparency you can trust.

Partnership Primary Care

The Partnership Health Centers are committed to facilitating whole health for members and their dependents. They are dedicated facilities, not open to the public, which offer on-site physicians, nurses, and pharmacy services, and on-site laboratory services, at no cost to members. There are no co-pays or deductibles. The center is part of a complete medical management platform in which the primary care physician gets to know the patient and serves as his or her advocate at every step of any medical process. The health center also contributes to improved occupational health by boosting productivity, recruitment, and retention. 


Partnership Health Centers are a strong healthcare advocate. We are not an insurance company that makes money by denying healthcare claims. Sadly, that is all too common. Partnership Health Centers are part of Integrity Health, a health benefits management company managing a unique design of health benefit programs for public and private sector employers. Although it is not an insurance company, we offer plan sponsors and their employees a customized and complete administrative program for healthcare coupled with insurance protection from a rated carrier.


Partnership Health Centers provide plan sponsors with what they need—a turnkey program of service providers offering state-of-the-art TPA, disease management, and network services. We've brought together a healthcare program like no other, with the best doctors, health centers, and benefits. We even have special tools so members can get the early care that keeps them healthy and on the move. We remind them when it is time to take advantage of covered screenings, tests, and check-ups. 


No one in the industry offers more services at the same location, with same-day appointments and no co-pays!

The Wisdom of Early Care

Partnership Health Centers believe in the wisdom of early care. We are strong advocates for wellness and preventive measures. We want members to treat ailments before they become later stage diseases. This approach keeps members well, and it holds down the high cost of healthcare—for employers and employees alike. That's the wisdom of providing early care.


Some health insurance plans think they save money when a claim is denied, a doctor visit delayed, or a lab test not done. This miscalculation only pushes treatment to later stages of illness, when it is more expensive. It promotes the use of emergency room-style medical care. It drives the cost of healthcare up—and the quality of care down.


The difference is staggering. Every time we are able to find a problem at an early stage, we improve an employee's health and quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, and ultimately save money for the employer and employee.

Evidence of Savings

Partnership Health Centers has a long track record of better health for employee members and saving healthcare dollars that we are proud of. No one in the industry has better utilization rates. Our public sector clients have achieved savings through better care and care coordination, and we look forward to showing you how we can work with you and your employees to achieve those kinds of results for you.


Let's look at projections based on plan experience (see the chart below). The data below provides an example of the level of results we can achieve as your partner in health.